LD35 Progress Update #1

Today was a productive day although I started working 4 hours behind schedule. Last night I wrote the basic framework for the game, and today I expanded upon it. I put together a very basic level generator that takes a seed given by the user. I also have got some user input working so the player can traverse the maze and pick up objects.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the maze’s shapeshifting algorithm and the ability to use items like keys. If I still have time, I’ll balance the level generator’s output and get the whole project ready for submission. If I don’t finish that by the deadline (8pm for me), then I’ll work on it for another day and submit it to the Jam instead.

Also, I’m sorry that I didn’t livestream today. I spent half an hour trying to get it to work the way I wanted and it wouldn’t.

See you all tomorrow!

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