Ludum Dare 35 kickoff!

Well shoot… I totally forgot that this started today.

Okay well I brainstormed for about 60 seconds and came up with an idea for a game. Since I have committed to writing a text-based game, I will be applying the theme (Shapeshifter) to the level itself. This game will likely be heavily inspired by Antichamber, a popular mind-twisting puzzle game. Maybe the level will morph depending upon where the user goes and will often change “behind his back.” I can see this game becoming like a labyrinth in the future, somewhat like Antichamber is.

This Ludum Dare will be a challenging one for me, but hopefully I can put together something playable before at least the Jam is over. I’ll start livestreaming on about 12 hours from now, so stay tuned there!

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