LD35 Progress Update #2

Well, I didn’t get as far as I wanted today. I’ll spend some more time tonight working on it so I can polish it up before the deadline tomorrow. Here’s what I have done today:

  • Added a prototype morph function for levels.
  • Set up an item consumption system
  • Some balancing in the level generator (nearing completion)
  • Added a JavaFX GUI module for those who can’t terminal.
  • Some other stuff (debug mode) done
  • Added a GitHub repo for my code.

Tomorrow I’ll begin to add some challenges to the game. My first idea is giving the player a limited amount of “energy” which is needed to walk between rooms (sustainable by bread of course). Another challenge would be to find a special key that is needed to unlock the exit room.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed developing this game! I especially like the passive morphing of the level – so when you return to where you were, things may have “shifted” a bit. I may later add some kind of assistance (like a collectible map item) to allow the user to mark where he has gone.

Although it is now crunch time, I need my sleep. See you all tomorrow!

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