Hosting a new Minecraft server

I found a new type of Minecraft server today – anarchy servers, which are survival servers with very few or no rules. I have decided to host my own. It is 100% vanilla; there are no mods or plugins, and there are no rules of course. You can join by using the hostname in the multiplayer browser.

I chose to host an anarchy server because it has a different metagame than many other survival servers. For example, unlike Factions, there is absolutely no protection of what you build, which means you have to build your own hidden traps and checks to keep your base protected. I feel like this kind of “vanilla” gameplay is more interesting, yet most people look over it. I hope that this server draws more people to the idea of unmodded servers and communities.

2 thoughts on “Hosting a new Minecraft server

  1. In a later time you should add a new purpose instead of free-build vanilla. Maybe turn it into a plots server, or probably minigames.

    1. That’s not the intent of this server. Others can host/do whatever they want to do in survival mode (including redstone minigames possibly), but I am not planning on turning this into a hub like Hypixel or the Hive.

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