Why I’m migrating away from my Google account.

Google has served me well as a productivity tool over the years. It started as my default search engine and quickly became one of my most visited sites on the Internet. I adopted their new technologies like GMail, Docs, Drive, Maps, and even Chrome, the very browser that was my go-to for years. I’ve gotten knee-deep in all of the convenience that Google has offered me, but at what cost?

A few years ago, I realized that I was paying the price of privacy for this seemingly free service. Google’s sole goal is not to make its users better off. Its primary goal is to make money. When you use their services, you are agreeing to let the machine use your personal data to make money for the employees and executives. It is important to remember that Google is a marketing company; their largest function is to mine data and sell it to advertisers via their ad services. It uses your data to provide ads that are targeted toward you, that may interest you, so their ad platform can generate more revenue for more clicks.

I’m not saying that Google is an inherently bad organization. Their tactics are completely legitimate; they don’t refrain from telling you what data they’re gathering on you. The issue is that most people don’t read the terms and conditions or the privacy policy of online services, where companies are legally bound to tell you what they’re doing (well, unless the government says they can’t tell you, but that’s another story). My goal with this transition and public announcement is simply to spread awareness.

I strongly encourage you to read the terms of the major technology corporations, particularly Google, Apple, and Microsoft, and determine for yourself whether the data you’re giving them is worth the convenience. It will make you one of two types of people. You will either become an apathetic with nothing to hide, or you will take action to protect your privacy. The choice is ultimately up to you. It may be a difficult choice to make, but making it is better than living in ignorance.

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