LD36: Day 1 Complete!

It’s nearing midnight of Day 1, and I have made a reasonable amount of progress.

The first thing I did was the initial planning that I always do: I create a thought map and try to decide what kind of game I would like to make. I start with my theme and work down to the specifics of each “game idea” and decide which one is the best choice. (I decided to go with a 90’s computer sim that involves both building hardware and using software.)

Once I got that done, I started working on some of the graphics. At this point, I’ve got the most important parts of the motherboard done; however, I still have a long way to go. I have to worry less about detailing than getting a working texture; the problem is, I like to detail.

Here’s the motherboard, side by side with the original image:


If time allows, I’ll be adding more details to the motherboard, but for now it has all of the necessary connectors.


Well, that wraps it up for today! Tomorrow, I’ll work on the rest of the “scene” for the hardware and get into some Processing code to get the cables connecting! Although I wasn’t streaming on Twitch today, I plan to tomorrow. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ludum Dare 36!

I’m going to be participating in the Ludum Dare, starting this night! Sadly, I haven’t finished my Java game engine yet, so here’s the software lineup for this jam:

  • IDE/Language: Processing
  • Graphics: GIMP
  • Sound effects: DrPetter’s sfxr
  • Music: Otomata, Ardour, incompetech.com (royalty-free music)

I’ll be busy during the time of the announcement, but back and ready ¬†within 1 hour afterwards! Stay tuned at my Twitch channel¬†to watch the development process! I’ll also be posting a timelapse of the development at my YouTube channel once the jam is over.

LD35: I’m Done!

GO VOTE: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-35/?action=preview&uid=39216

Well, this is an earlier stop than I intended; we are having company over tonight (I have to socialize D:). Anyway, this game is fully playable and can be finished, so that’s something to be proud of. It also has a higher difficulty than the other two games I’ve released on Ludum Dare.

I’m fairly proud of the outcome this time around. This is the first time that I’ve used a random level generator. Although I have no experience on tuning the output of a level generator, I think that I’ve done a good job.

In case you’ve just tuned in, the theme for this Ludum Dare is “Shapeshift.” Because I had earlier committed to writing a text-based game, I made the levels shift around instead of some morphing physics objects. After adding some other challenges, I feel like this game is quite nice to play. I haven’t played many levels yet (except for my testing seed, “deadbeef”) but I’ve confirmed that it’s mostly beatable. Actually, it has a similarity to Solitaire: not all levels are beatable, and any wrong move on a beatable level may also screw you over.

A reminder: Go vote! And thanks for supporting the development of this game.

LD35 Progress Update #2

Well, I didn’t get as far as I wanted today. I’ll spend some more time tonight working on it so I can polish it up before the deadline tomorrow. Here’s what I have done today:

  • Added a prototype morph function for levels.
  • Set up an item consumption system
  • Some balancing in the level generator (nearing completion)
  • Added a JavaFX GUI module for those who can’t terminal.
  • Some other stuff (debug mode) done
  • Added a GitHub repo for my code.

Tomorrow I’ll begin to add some challenges to the game. My first idea is giving the player a limited amount of “energy” which is needed to walk between rooms (sustainable by bread of course). Another challenge would be to find a special key that is needed to unlock the exit room.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed developing this game! I especially like the passive morphing of the level – so when you return to where you were, things may have “shifted” a bit. I may later add some kind of assistance (like a collectible map item) to allow the user to mark where he has gone.

Although it is now crunch time, I need my sleep. See you all tomorrow!

LD35 Progress Update #1

Today was a productive day although I started working 4 hours behind schedule. Last night I wrote the basic framework for the game, and today I expanded upon it. I put together a very basic level generator that takes a seed given by the user. I also have got some user input working so the player can traverse the maze and pick up objects.

Tomorrow I’ll be working on the maze’s shapeshifting algorithm and the ability to use items like keys. If I still have time, I’ll balance the level generator’s output and get the whole project ready for submission. If I don’t finish that by the deadline (8pm for me), then I’ll work on it for another day and submit it to the Jam instead.

Also, I’m sorry that I didn’t livestream today. I spent half an hour trying to get it to work the way I wanted and it wouldn’t.

See you all tomorrow!

Ludum Dare 35 kickoff!

Well shoot… I totally forgot that this started today.

Okay well I brainstormed for about 60 seconds and came up with an idea for a game. Since I have committed to writing a text-based game, I will be applying the theme (Shapeshifter) to the level itself. This game will likely be heavily inspired by Antichamber, a popular mind-twisting puzzle game. Maybe the level will morph depending upon where the user goes and will often change “behind his back.” I can see this game becoming like a labyrinth in the future, somewhat like Antichamber is.

This Ludum Dare will be a challenging one for me, but hopefully I can put together something playable before at least the Jam is over. I’ll start livestreaming on twitch.tv/NonemuNinja about 12 hours from now, so stay tuned there!